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The Family Caring Centre was established in Rathenraw, Antrim in 1985.  Its purpose was to provide training, information, advice and childcare services to families in the area who were suffering from social deprivation as a result of deteriorating housing and high unemployment. The Centre has been successfully providing this support through a range of services which have been continuously developed over the years as a response to the changing needs. Today, over 250 families benefit from the range of services that are currently provided.

It is impossible to measure the huge positive social impact the Family Caring Centre has had in the local community over the years. We have certainly contributed to building social capacity within our work with residents of all ages, abilities and backgrounds

 All potential employees and volunteers are subject to Access NI checks before employment can commence and this is then followed by an induction program.


The Family Caring Centre has a continuing vision that the district of Antrim will be an attractive place to live, visit and work in.  It will have a strong community spirit underpinned by family structures which support members to aspire and achieve.  Families will actively choose to live in the area, which will continue to be socially and economically regenerated.

Mission Statement

“The Family Caring Centre is a voluntary organisation providing a range of services in a friendly and supportive environment to families and individuals”.

Summary of Current Services:

Adult Services

Mental Health Services

Our Mental Health Services work on the core principles of support, acceptance and understanding and are provided through a holistic programme of alternative therapies and activities.

This program is funded by HSC (Northern Board).

Activities include:

  • Shopping

  • Emotional Well-Being Support

  • Art Projects

  • Educational Opportunities

  • Short Courses

  • Social Activities

  • Access to Computer Classes 

  • Empowerment Activities

  • Talks and Demonstrations

  • Personal Services

  • Trips to places of local interest

  • Complimentary Therapies

Accommodation is provided for counsellors from various organisations including Nexus & Lifeline charities to meet with clients in a safe, comfortable and confidential environment. 

Good Morning Antrim

The ‘Good Morning Antrim’ Service

This is a Telephone Support & Alert Befriending service, which has been in operation since April 2008. The service aims to reduce the feelings of fear and isolation felt by the elderly and other vulnerable members of our community building on social inclusion and building local, social capacity. This is achieved by contacting each person via telephone, on agreed week-days at a pre-arranged time.  Every call will cover three main points:

  • A friendly chat about health, well-being and anything of interest.

  • To provide information on services in the area and forthcoming events.

  • To listen to any concerns and with permission, pass these on to relevant agencies/individual.

If any person in receipt of our services do not answer their call and have not advised us of their absence; a nominated emergency contact will be alerted, to physically check on them. This service is available to those who reside in Toome, Randalstown, Antrim, Parkgate, Templepatrick and Crumlin. The ‘Good Morning Antrim’ service also helps to reduce the concern felt by friends and families, when their loved ones are alone. Good Morning Antrim is one of 22 Good Morning services across Northern Ireland.

This project is funded by the Public Health Agency (PHA).

Educational Services

'The Learning Zone' ICT Classes

The Learning Zone promotes ‘Learning for the Whole Family’ and encourages adults into life long learning through the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).  We currently provide a range of courses to individuals and businesses.  Courses run all year round all classes have eight or less students for the personal touch.


  • Internet communications

  • E-mail

  • Social Media


  • ECDL Qualifications

  • Digital Skills

View of Stakeholders

“……to do crafts, to learn to dance, a reason to get up and to learn new things.”

“…..the Family Caring Centre has always carried out everything they have undertaken to a very high standard and provide a very comprehensive range of services.  Their Creche Facility and Summer Scheme all provide an excellent and vital service to parents who need to work or need some respite from their young children.”

“….. ability to support local community - particularly those with mental health problems and single parents.”

“….. committed and caring staff group.”

“……seeing over the years how some of our users have overcome their illness and are able to participate in various activities.”

“…… no stigma attached to centre as there is with many statutory services.”

“……a wide range of activities and projects ongoing in the centre, leaders are forward thinking and embrace new opportunities.”

We always try to accommodate other groups, organisations within the Community/Voluntary sector sharing resources, private rooms and transport.

The family Caring Centre also signposts other organisations and individuals to access help and support.

1-5 Somerset Park


BT41 2TE 

Tel:  02894 464619

What We Do

The Family Caring Centre, located in the heart of Antrim, is a charitable foundation dedicated to helping those in need. With the dedication of our volunteers, staff members, and partners, we strive to improve the lives of everyone who needs help within the community. Contact us to see what you can do to bring about positive change.


Some of our Ladies who worked hard for the Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Womens Suport Group

Charity Work

Contact Us

1-5 Somerset Park, Antrim BT41 2TE, UK

028 9446 4619


028 9446 4619

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